Manufacturers of Branded Consumer Technology Solutions
Despite being in an industry where change is the rule rather than the exception, Fesco’s “Customers First/Integrity Always ” mindset is as much a part of their DNA today as it was when they began as a lower Manhattan storefront over half a century ago. Recognized both nationally and internationally as the “go to” for  the latest cutting edge technologies and the “day to day” products and brands every savvy retailer needs, the Fesco “brand” is about being a source and a resource—in short, a name that truly means everything.
MOBILE ACCESSORIES: Few brands have value-added mobile charging solutions better than Fesco’s Chargeworx brand. Thanks to its ubiquitous presence in both mass and specialty/travel-related venues everywhere, this “engineered in-house” brand is one of the few names that actually come to mind in a category where names rarely come to mind.  
With over 1.25 million readers trusting it, it's no surprise that Car & Driver auto accessories are turbocharging sales for retailers everywhere from cutting edge DashCams designed and priced to shift demand into high gear, to a full line of mobile accessories, that will connect with virtually every car and driver, we are the brand that puts you in the drivers seat.
Thanks to our extensive investment in both R&D and marketing, our “reboot” of COBY —a classic, mass market audio brand, is connecting with new generations of consumers who are enjoying a level of audio quality every bit as impressive as our sell through. From classic in and over the ear headphones, to our “Serious About Streaming” bluetooth headphones and speakers, audiophiles to audio neophytes, COBY is back and sounding better than ever!
SMART DEVICES/iOT: While Slide is definitely about “smart devices” like phones, tablets, watches, notebooks, etc, what it’s also  about is solutions that appeal to smarter in Slide’s customers. The Slide owner refuses to sacrifice form for function or compromise “needs” for “wants”. They want it all and on their terms, which is why they insist on
Slide. Add to that a
line of future proof
and “present perfected” 
iOT products, and its
easy to see why these
are the smart choice
for the Smart Home. 
Atom's line of audio and charging accessories are surprisingly small but shockingly powerful. They were engineered to fit where other brands can't; the ultimate travel companions, Atom products are small, lightweight and incredibly reliable. No bulky gear required. Just the essentials, perfected.
GO-TOUGH's line of mobile chargers, cords, and power banks aren't for the average consumer. They were designed for people who stress-test their equipment on a daily basis and think being "overprepared" is a myth. Ready for anything, GO-TOUGH products are designed to work in the harshest conditions, including extreme temperatures, excessive rain, dust, and vibrations.