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In an industry where change is a constant, it takes more than cutting-edge technology to reach consumers. It takes an understanding of who they are, what they do, and how to deliver the products that will make a difference in their lives.


Since our founding in 1962, FESCO has always recognized the power of strong relationships. Our Manhattan storefront was where our customer-first philosophy took root, and since then we've grown to become an internationally-recognized name in distribution, manufacturing, and licensing.


We take every step in ensuring the right tech reaches the right people. Whether through our distribution arm or our in-house manufacturing, we rely on decades of well-earned expertise when it comes to meeting and exceeding expectations.

The First Name in Automotive Expertise

Car and Driver tech enhances the on-road experience for customers in all types of vehicles. Just as its namesake magazine delivers car news and sharp insight, our line of tools and accessories brings the best in convenience, safety, and the latest in-car technology to customers.

Always Connected

Technology is only revolutionary when it's working at its best. That's where ChargeWorx comes in. ChargeWorx supplies the chargers, cables, power banks, and more that keep the cutting edge at its sharpest. Found in an array of retail and online outlets, this brand is the first and last name to know when it comes to powerful yet affordable charging solutions.

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The AtomXS is a hyper-portable smartphone battery pack. The ultimate travel companion, this rechargeable device is small enough to go everywhere and strong enough to revive phones for up to 3 hours when battery life nears zero. There's no better proof that when power is in short supply, size most certainly doesn't matter.

When the going gets tough, you'll want tech that's up to the challenge. Go-Tough chargers and other accessories come built to last, with rugged design that can handle repeated use on the worksite, in your vehicle, and everywhere else your most necessary tech tools need a boost.

Smartphones and other devices are useful, and that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. 

Skylar lets teens and adults add serious swagger to their everyday, with accessories that are both practical and dazzling to suit any look. Now, you can let your style speak for itself.

A brand that's truly worldwide, COBY has been recognized as a top name in mass-market electronics for over 30 years. COBY's expert-engineered headphones, speakers, and more bring premium audio technology to customers at an accessible price point. Now stronger than ever, the COBY name resonates powerfully in a sector where quality is both seen and heard.

Seen on shelves nationwide, Coolpods adds a touch of flair to revolutionary tech like wireless earbuds, Bluetooth® speakers and more.

Made for forward-thinkers of all ages, this brand combines technical expertise with a street-ready presentation. With a multitude of colors, styles, and features, Coolpods remains the go-to for personal devices that make a bold statement

When it comes to high-tech audio, there’s no need to compromise.

Acoustic Armor’s cutting-edge speakers and headphones come encased in tough, outdoor-tested  protection built for the most rugged environments.   With premium audio components safely guarded within, these armored tools are ready to take on a world that isn’t always gentle

Today's tech consumer knows exactly what they want, and Slide is there to provide it. With streaming and vlogging essentials, workout-ready wearables, and more, Slide's smart tech offers all the future-forward features that an educated consumer expects.

Making Prevention and Protection a Priority

FirstHealth, a leader in consumer health and safety, has developed a new line of products aimed at keeping consumers safe from infectious diseases. 
Pathogens can be found in a near-endless variety of spaces and FirstHealth has developed a wide-ranging product line that has been thoughtfully engineered and painstakingly tested to ensure their effectiveness.

The original blade-free hair elimination system, Epilady has been an international leader since pioneering the epilation market in 1986. Today, the brand encompasses a wide range of both time-tested and revolutionary new products. With over 30 million units sold and counting, Epilady has remained the premier name for fast, effective, and long-lasting hair removal.